dog [dôg, däg]
pl. dogs or dog [ME, generalized in sense < late, rare OE docga, dogga (usual hund: see HOUND1) < ?]
a) any of a large and varied group of domesticated canines (Canis familiaris) often kept as a house pet or used for hunting, guarding people or property, etc.
b) any of various wild canines
2. the male of a canine
3. a mean, contemptible fellow
4. a prairie dog, dogfish, or other animal thought to resemble a dog
5. [< its orig. shape: cf. Fr chenet] an andiron; firedog
6. Informal a boy or man [lucky dog ]
7. [pl.] Slang feet
8. HOT DOG (sense 1)
9. Slang
a) an unattractive or unpopular person
b) an unsatisfactory thing or unsuccessful venture
10. Mech. any of several devices for holding or grappling
11. Meteorol.
a) a parhelion; sundog
b) a fogdog
designating a family (Canidae) of meat-eating animals that includes dogs, foxes, wolves, coyotes, and jackals
dogged, dogging
1. to follow, hunt, or track down doggedly
2. to hold or secure with a mechanical dog
very; completely: used in combination [dog-tired]
a dog's age
Informal a long time
a dog's life
a wretched existence
dog in the manger
a person who keeps others from using something which that person is not using
dog it
Slang to fail to exert the maximum or expected effort
every dog has his day
something good or lucky happens to everyone at one time or another
go to the dogs
Informal to deteriorate; degenerate
let sleeping dogs lie
to let well enough alone; not disturb things as they are for fear of something worse
☆ put on the dog
Slang to make a show of being very elegant, wealthy, etc.
teach an old dog new tricks
to induce a person of settled habits to adopt new methods or ideas
the Greater Dog
the constellation Canis Major: also called the Big Dog
the Lesser Dog
the constellation Canis Minor: also called the Little Dog

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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